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Why is charging voltage so critical to both gel and sealed lead acid batteries?

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Charge voltage is critical on these types of batteries because they both are recombinant batteries. This means that the oxygen that is normally produced on the positive plate in all lead acid batteries recombines with the hydrogen given off by the negative plate. The “recombination” of hydrogen and oxygen produces water, which replaces the moisture [...]

What is the difference between gel cell and starved electrolyte batteries?

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Both are recombinant batteries; both are sealed valve regulated. The major difference is that the “starved” or “absorbed electrolyte” battery contains an amount of liquid electrolyte added at the factory that soaks into the special separators. Therefore, it is non-spillable because all of the liquid electrolyte is trapped in the sponge like separator material. There [...]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of both types of sealed valve regulated batteries?

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Gel Battery Advantages: • Totally maintenance free • Air transportable • No corrosion • Spill proof/leak proof • Installs upright or on its side • Superior deep cycle life • Very low to no gassing (unless overcharged) • Compatible with sensitive electronic equipment • Superior shelf life • Rugged and vibration resistant • Very safe [...]

Can I store my batteries on concrete?

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Many people have the impression that when batteries sit on concrete, energy “leaks out” or they are ruined. The short answer is that letting modern batteries sit on concrete does not harm or discharge them in any way. However, this legend is historically based in fact. The first lead-acid batteries consisted of glass cells that [...]

How often should I charge batteries?

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Daily Users: Charge daily. This applies to anyone who actually uses his or her equipment outside of the home. Occasional Users: Always be sure to charge before an outing and always after active use. The ideal recharge point is about 50% on a scooter or wheelchair gauge.

How do I charge my Batteries correctly?

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To properly charge your mobility battery, follow these simple procedures: - Use the manufacturer’s automatic charger for all routine charging. - Never use an automotive or wet-type charger on gel/sealed batteries. (They’ll quickly ruin your battery). - Never run your battery completely flat. - Don’t “top off” the battery with frequent charging.

How should a battery be stored?

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Always store your batteries FULLY CHARGED. Check all batteries once a month and recharge as needed. Wet batteries can hold their charge up to 3 months. Sealed batteries can hold a charge for up to 6 months. When storing a chair or scooter for more than 2 weeks, charge the batteries and then disconnect them. [...]