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Leo II Standing Wheelchair

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You can hardly find a standing wheelchair that is so stylish, lightweight, and user friendly. If you enjoy using a manual wheelchair and would like to stand-up regularly by yourself, Leo II is really your best choice. Kindly check out the details and specifications to find out which size suits you the most.


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Leo II Standing Wheelchair

  • Leo II is the lightest standing wheelchair in the world that is made of high grade aluminum alloy. It is not only stylish, but made of top quality materials and workmanship to meet the highest safety and durability requirements.
  • We have 14″, 16″ and 18″ seat width, and there are multiple adjustable parts to fit different body sizes and needs:
    1. Seat Depth and footrest height: To suit users with different height.
    2. Footrest angle: There are 3 angles for footrest adjustment, so user can gradually tilt the footrest angle as he get used to it, which helps to stretch the calf muscles and tendons during sitting and standing movement.
    3. Backrest height: Provides better support if user requires higher backrest and extra H-shaped harness.
  • User can stand or sit with his own pace to prevent muscle spasm during stand-up/sit-down movement, because of the proprietary user-controlled stand-up & sit-down mechanisms.
  • Total operational weight of 27 kg (59 lbs) and able to reduce to only 21.5 kg (47 lbs) after detached both front and rear wheels by quick release function.
  • After take off the quick release front and rear wheels, user can fold the backrest for easy handling and storage during travel.
  • Comes with knee strap, calve strap, safety belt and chest strap. There are also different types of optional straps meet individual needs. For example, thigh strap, ankle strap, H-shape harness for body etc.
  • It is equipped with Polyurethane Rear Wheels Suspension which provides more comfortable rides over rough surfaces.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 120 KGS (250lbs).
  • It is suitable for users with strong arms, palm and fingers. (Users with weak arms/palm/fingers or users with only one strong arm, Pegasus II would be a good choice). Or should you would like to move in standing position, please look into Phoenix II and Draco)
Seat Width Choices14″ / 16″ / 18″
Seat Depth (Adjustable)18″, 19″, 20″
Seat Height20.5″
Total Width 16″ / 18″25.8″ / 27.8″
Total Length40″
Total Height (Adjustable)33.5″ – 37.4″
Backrest Height (Adjustable)13.8″ – 17.7″
Footrest To Seat Length (Adjustable)17.5″ – 20.5″
Travel Weight – 16 ” / 18″21.5 KG / 22KG
Total Weight – 16″ / 18″27.0 KG / 27.5KG
Packing Size – 16″ / 18″100X63X60cm / 100X67X60cm
Open Size 20″(L x W x H) 102cm 68cm 88cm~98cm
Open Size 16″(L x W x H) 102cm 63cm 88cm~98cm
Open Size 14″(L x W x H) 102cm 58cm 88cm~98cm
Front Wheel6″
Rear Wheel23.5″

Warranty for Leo II Standing Wheelchair

Leo II comes with 2 year global warranty and support services. Replacement parts can be easily swapped by users without technical knowledge. Should there be any problem, we will send you the spare parts by courier no matter where you are or travel to. We also provide you with a video guide.

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