I. Rental Agreement shall include and be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • You agree to pay all rental charges incurred from the time said equipment delivered to your address, and for the duration of the rental period, which shall be terminated only upon the return of said equipment to Hieline place of business or a shipping career.
  • Rentee agrees that Renter is free from all losses, costs or liabilities, arising out of the use or because of the use of rented equipment and accepts that in no case shall the responsibility be with Renter.
  • Rentee agrees to have no repairs performed on rented equipment without the express written consent of Renter.
  • Equipment rented by Renter may not be used on any abnormal or hazardous situation or taken out of the continental United States. Any deviation from this policy must be approved by Renter in advance.
  • If any equipment problem is encountered during the rental period, the Rentee must notify the Renter immediately. Depending on the problem, the Renter may decide to repair or replace the equipment.
  • Rentee is responsible for the return of Rental items.
  • Rental items not returned by rental expiration date will be automatically renewed and rental fees will be charged to Renter’s account.

II. Financial Responsibility

  • No rental charges paid shall apply towards the purchase, repair or replacement of rental equipment.
  • Rentee shall pay rent on the equipment at the rate set forth on Unless arranged otherwise in advance, rentals are due and payable at the time of reservation.
  • Extended or “Long Term” rentals beyond a 4-week period will be due and charged on the beginning of the rental period.
  • Renter retains the right to charge Rentee for any concealed damage revealed after return of the equipment.
  • In case of loss or stolen equipment, the rental period shall end the day the loss is reported. Renter will be charged the retail price of the equipment as listed on

III. Cancellation Policy

  • If the client cancels the reservation within eight (8) days or more before the service date, the client is entitled to a full refund.
  • If the reservation is cancelled within seven (7) days or less, the client will be responsible for a $75 cancellation fee.
  • If the reservation is cancelled on the day of delivery, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the rental fee.